HTTrack is a powerful freeware which can analyze a site’s information. It means you can even duplicate or copy a premium site with ease. Actually, it should be commercial product because of its functions. You can easily copy entire site with few click and done. If you want to buy websites and build, you should have this freeware. You can copy a highly paid websites with this software. It is said, some webmasters used this freeware to created premium sites for companies and local services. But to edit, you may need some tools like Dreamweaver or something like that. Method is simple. Create a project with HTTrack and let them download a site. If you are newbie, you should download a small site and test it. There is something I want to tell. HTTrack is not like “Saving Page”. It can save entire site and root folders from it. If you want to copy/duplicate/steal websites, this software is really good for you.Just Try it.

You can download it from here : HTTrack 32 bit   /   HTTrack 64 bit