Free internet with USB modem on PC may be a question to people who are residents of developing countries. It is true. In some developing countries, internet fees are equal or higher than developed countries. So, people use VPN to get free internet access from their ISP. VPN cloak their sim card identity so that ISP (Internet Service Provider) could not verify and let them access internet. (Note : People said you need to have zero balance to do this trick).


Free Internet on PC

Hotspot Shield

Free internet with USB modem

Hostspot Shield is a VPN software which has both free and paid version. Even in free version, it works functionally. The paid version provide more different option access like premium server access, unlimited bandwidth, no ads and dedicated support etc. It can be used in various way. The most common way to use this software is to unblock websites, access internet anonymously, secure internet connection, hide IP address and so on.

This software can also protect you from being theft your personal information, credit cards and so on. You can access internet without any restrictions. If your country or ISP block some websites, you can easily bypass with this VPN.

You can download it from here : Hotspot Shield


Opera Browser

How to get free internet

Opera Browser is the browser which consists of VPN (Virtual Private Network). If you want free internet with USB modem, you can use it .( Note : Some people said that you need zero balance in your mobile data). Like other browser, it also support of various search engines like google, yahoo and bing etc. Unlike other browser, it consists of VPN. It means you can hide your location and cannot be tracked. You can access internet anonymously. It is private. If you country or your ISP ( Internet Service Provider) forbid web address or something like that, you can bypass easily with this browser.

You can download it from here : Opera