Driving traffic to your website is essential if you want to succeed as an internet marketer. But driving hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website isn’t as easy as it might seem. Luckily there are numerous ways in doing this, both paid and free. I have gathered a number of strategies you can put to use and watch your website traffic explode!

You can also use these strategies to drive traffic to your landing page, also referred to as squeeze page. This is basically a one page website you put up to gather leads for your email list. Having an email list is essential for your online business, and should not be disregarded in your internet marketing business plan. Let’s check out how you can drive traffic to your landing page:

Paid Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

  1. PPC – Pay per click with AdWords is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your landing page. However, your content needs to be spot on and match your ads or else your advertisement will not be approved by Google.
  2. Facebook Ads – After PPC with Google AdWords Facebook ads are the most effective and especially for highly targeted traffic. Also, Google AdWords is not a very popular choice with internet marketers because of the rate at which Google bans accounts.
  3. Banner Ads – Placing banner ads in high-traffic blogs is another effective strategy to drive traffic to your landing page. For maximum conversions your banner ad must presell and your landing page should carry on with that same tone and message.
  4. Solo Ads – Solo ads when done well is another strategy to capture leads. You must ensure however that the place you are buying solo ads from is genuine and offers a good CTR for each of your mailings. I personally have never used this strategy but it is employed by many in the internet marketing niche in particular because they are very cheap and also offer near instant results.
  5. Offline Advertising – Ads in the classifieds is a very powerful strategy simply because most mainstream marketers ignore it. It is particularly cheap in the non-internet marketing niches like gardening, recipes, crafts and arts, kitchen, fitness and other similar evergreen niches.
  6. Link Shortening Services – There are many paid link shortening services which you can use to drive traffic to your landing page. AdF.ly is one such service and while there exist many more I have personally not tested them all out.
  7. Webinars – You will need to have JVs or a very good product to promote, but having said that webinars will probably land you the most targeted traffic in the shortest time which is usually less than a couple of hours. One way to maximize your conversions from webinars is to give out some presell/teaser material like a PDF or create a couple of videos a week before the webinar. Doing this will create a buzz around your upcoming webinar and people will be ready to jump on your offer or landing page.
  8. Press Releases – The major corporations use press releases as their main strategy to create a buzz and have people lining up at their landing pages. You can also utilize this strategy in any niche but with your own unique spin. Press releases work very well for what’s trending right now. I have particularly used press releases for product launches, but not to promote a product and instead to add new subscribers with a hook (more on that later).
  9. Traffic Exchanges – While not a popular option they still work to some extent. However, it is always better to go for paid traffic with traffic exchanges instead of doing it the free way which will only eat into your time and keep you away from more important aspects of your business. Traffic Swarm is my preferred choice when it comes to traffic exchanges.

Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Squeeze Page

  1. Guest Blogging/Posting – Guest posting (or guest blogging) is absolutely one of the best ways to drive traffic to your landing page. Find authority blogs in your niche and offer to do a guest post. I have landed as many as 400 leads (that’s confirmed opt-ins) in a single day by guest blogging. One good tip that will serve you well for guest blogging is to create a personalized landing page for the guest blog you are posting at. For instance a landing page with the headline special offer for the readers of The Huffington Post will increase the conversions. You can also offer to give them something for free (which is sold otherwise) or else offer them a substantial discount on any of your products. Guest blogging when combined with this presell/landing page strategy works extremely well.
  2. Forum Posting – Genuine forum posting works very well, but not spam. For that you need to be active in a forum and participate with useful, insightful posts and comments. Once you brand yourself as an authority in your niche it will be very easy for you to drive traffic to your landing page with your signature. A good tip to consider is to use a headline that will grab attention and draw people in. One another way you can use forums is by identifying popular and regular posters in a forum and offering to rent their signature space. You can also hire a VA to do this job i.e. post on a forum regularly with a signature link that will drive traffic back to your landing page.
  3. Content Syndication – Syndicating your content all over the web 2.0 is another effective strategy for sending leads to your landing page. Ofcourse your content needs to be relatively unique and of a high quality or else there is always the risk of having your accounts terminated and content deleted.
  4. Article Marketing – This is one strategy I have used very effectively. Submitting unique content to article directories that pre-sells the readers will definitely lead to higher conversions especially if someone has read your article completely you can be sure they are willing to pay attention to what you have to say and will most certainly opt-in. Just ensure you have a strong call to action and your landing page matches in content with your article.
  5. Video Marketing – Submitting small 2 to 3 minute videos to YouTube and other video hosting services like Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, etc. is highly effective in sending visitors to your landing page. It is advisable though to make general information videos and not make overtly advertising videos as these will be deleted by the video hosting providers and your accounts deleted.
  6. Blogging – Authority blogging is probably the most effective strategy to drive traffic to your landing page right from your blog. A blog though does take time but when you have a popular blog in your niche that receives regular traffic all you need is an opt-in box to direct your visitors to the landing page. Blogging also affords you regular traffic for free, something the others like paid traffic cannot.
  7. Blog Commenting – Regularly commenting on authority blogs in your niche will help brand you as an authority and you can use the links in the comments section to lead people to a landing page. You can also get to know the blog owners and ask them for guest posting opportunities on their blogs.
  8. Social Networks – Popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc. can be effectively used to drive traffic to a landing page. However, do not spam them or your accounts will be deleted. It is better to build up authority over these social networks and build yourself some followers before you begin to drive traffic to your landing page.
  9. Yahoo Answers – You will need a Level 2 account for the ability to post links and also post real answers. It is preferable to link to a page with real authority content that will convert visitors into leads as any form of spamming at Yahoo Answers will get your account banned.

As you can see, there’s no shortage in ways to drive traffic to your website and landing pages. Surely you can’t use all of those that are listed here, but i’m sure there are some you haven’t thought of before you might want to implement. Traffic is the lifeblood of your website and the only way you can gather leads for your business. If your website is lacking consistent visitors, then it’s time to step up your game and start working on it.

When you have implemented some of these tips i have shared with you, it’s alo important to ficus on building a relationship with them. So the only way to benefit from your visitors, is offering them value in return. This way you’ll create a win win situation, and that’s what internet  marketing is all about!

To your success!