When you build back links for your website, link diversity is one of the major factors for today. You can’t just focus on only blog commenting or only forum posting, so social bookmarks are a great way to achieve that.


Some Info about Social Bookmarking Sites


Some of these sites where you can build social bookmarks on have strange policies (similar to link directories). This means you have to create quality content on them or your link will be removed. I have such stories on squidoo for example. I think it’s much more valuable to build quality content on your won website, so i don’t see the point in waiting so much time if all you need is a backlink from a high authority domain.

There are plenty of free tools who promise to build hundreds of bookmarks for your website in a matter of minutes, but to be honest, this is only going to hurt your website rankings. That’s why it’s much better to build bookmarks on the top social bookmarking sites. I have made a list with the Top 10 sites to build backlinks on in 2013. This list contains only the sites where you can build bookmarks on immediately after registration. There is no need to be approved by moderators and risking your work has been in vain when your bookmarks weren’t accepted. If you wonder why i have left out some of them, i understand the value of your time and i don’t want you to waist any, so that’s the reason. Here is the list:


Delicious PR8
Reddit PR8
Scoop it  PR7 (One of the fastest growing social bookmarking site)
Mister Wong PR7
StumbleUpon PR8
Pinterest PR8
Diigo PR7
Chime  PR8
Plurk PR8
Blinklist PR6


Why limit to only 10 social bookmarking sites?

There has been a lot of speculation in Seo land as why we should limit out back linking efforts. The main reason is the fact that a diverse back linking portfolio has become the most important factor for achieving high rankings in google. That’s why it’s much more important to get a few back links for different resources with high quality.

As you can see all of these social bookmarkign websites have high pagerank, which means they have very high authority n the eyes of google. So a couple of backlinks from these high authority websites will be worth much more than a thousands of backlinks from low quality webpages. I have created this list in such a way that you can get 1O high quality backlinks in about half an hour, without having to fear your links get approved or rejected.
So what are you waiting for? Just go through this list whenever you posted some high quality content on your website, and you can watch your search engine rankings grow in a matter of weeks!