We all know that traffic is te lifeblood of any website. Without traffic your website is basically dead and you won’t earn an income. There is nothing better than receiving free traffic from the search engines, but there are a lot of thigs to consider when you want to
rank for many keywords and see a steady flow of free traffic coming your way. There are many variables the search engines use to determine which web page is the most important. One of these variables is bounce rate and page views per visitor.

The bounce rate is the percentage of people clicking away immmediately when visiting your site, in other words, they don’t click to another of your web pages. The lower the number the better ofcourse. here’s an improvised table to show you what percentage of bounce rate is good and bad:
Below 40% = Good
Between 40-70% = Average
Above 70% = Bad
These numbers are what the majority of webmasters consider to be the standard. So if your website is in the bad area, then this means you are doing something wrong and things can be improved. So if you wonder how to decrease bounce rate and how to increase page views on your website, check out these 10 tips how to achieve that:


1. Write Good Content

This is basically the foundation of your website. It all starts with writing good content on your webpages, so your visitors really feel like they have searched for what they were looking for. If you really think about it, that’s basically all what searh engines are about. They want to ensure the best content is on top. Here’s what i do: Whenever i have found a topic to write an article about, i ask myself what people might learn from it. Whenever i know that i write my article accordingly. After that it’s simply a fact of offering this info to drive traffic to your website.

2. Create Titles That Catch the Eye

So when the first demand of writing good content is met, it’s time to look at more details how to decrease bounce rate on your website. The first and easiest thing to do is to create catchy titles for your blog posts. Something that always works well is making lists of tips. People like lists and are more likely to go over a list than just plain text. This is just simple human psychology and behavior, so keep this in mind when you create a title for your article. Also creating a sense of urgency about the title is something that works really well. For instance what i did in this very article “must do tip” or you can also use something like “5 tips you can do today!” This creates an extra dimension of urgency to the title which also plays a major part in human psychology.

3. Interlink Your Articles

A great way to make people click to another page on your website is adding a link into it to a related article. Of course this depends on the quality of your content also. If your content is interesting and engaging, this will encourage people to read more content on your website. Interlinking articles also has benefits for SEO, since it connects your articles with each other and increases the value of your on page SEO.

4. Make your Website Easy to Navigate

What every great website has in common is an easy overview so all pages on the site are easily accessible. This doesn’t only positively influences your bounce rate, it also makes your website appealing for visitors. The sidebar plays a vital role in this department, because when people scroll down, they should be able to visit other pages on your site. So you can add your categories, a tag cloud, latest posts, latest reviews etc. to encourage people to check out other content on your site.

5. Improve Load Time of you Website

No matter how you look at it, the load time of your website is crucial for visitors to stay at your website. Even just a couple of seconds delay might encourage them to click away. Now i wouldn’t worry about that if you have a small site, and your pages aren’t filled with images and pictures. But even if you have a small site and regular articles you can do this one simple thing if you have a WordPress blog: Install a plugin called “Super Cache.” If you do this you don’t have to worry about slow loading pages ever again, and your visitors will love you for it!

So these are 5 simple tips on how to decrease bounce rate of your website. When you make sure you have all these 5 elements in place, you’ll start to notice your bounce rate drop tremendously, and your visitors will be more engaged on your website. And to top it off, google or any other search engine will love you for it and reward you with these high rankings that wll bring in a constant flow of free traffic, i’m sure you’ll love that!