So you have a website and you see some visitors coming in on a regular basis. When this is the case, you might start thinking about monetizing your site in numerous ways.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is if other companies would be interested to advertise on your website. In other words, is the traffic you get to your site enough to actually make people pay for exposure.

Another thing you need to ask yourself is if the traffic you receive is targeted. In other words, you’ll need to be able to prove to advertisers where you traffic is coming from. For this you need definitely a google analytics account and a couple of weeks/months worth of stats to provide to advertisers. So if you have this, the only question that remains is how to make money with ads?


Find an online advertising platform

There are plenty of marketing platforms you can choose from, but the best online advertising platform is without a doubt Here are some quick stats to back up my claim:

– Has been around since May 8th, 1999
– Has a google pagerank of 6
– The Alexa rank (at the time of writing) is 2540, which means the traffic is huge!
– Has 107000 indexed pages (at the time of writing) which means this is a massive site!

So you can see that BuySellAds is the good choice to enroll at if you want to sell ads space on your site.

List your website at BuySellAds

Before you list your website on BuySellAds, make sure your site has the required elements to get approved. If you receive just hundred of pageviews each day, don’t evn bother because they won’t accept you. You’ll need to wait until you get a coupe of thousand, which might take some time to achieve but it will be all worthwhile after that. Check out the requirements:

– Must have at least 100K impressions, which means if you place a banner on your website, atleast 100K people must actually see it.
– Your website must be live and have great, relevant and unique content.
– The site must be finished and have a nice design. (which is open for interpretation i know, so that’s basically BuySellAds will decide).
– The language used on your site must be English.
– Your site must not contain a whole bunch of untargeted ads already.
– If you want to get approved, you must make sure the quality of your site is high in general. This means that they want to keep the reputation of their online advertising platform high and might reject your site if it lowers the perceived quality of the network.

As you can see, the requirements to get approved aren’t that easy to meet. So if you just created a website and have some visitors each day, don’t even bother applying. If you on the other have a site that does matches the criteria, you can list it and make a very decent monthly income for doing basically nothing more than accepting or rejecting offers from advertisers.

How to decide what to charge for ad space

Once your site is up on the BuySellAds platform ready to make money from selling ad space, you must determine what you will charge for ad space. There are certain criteria to look out for when you think about a pricing point.

Niche of your website

The first thing to understand is the fact that every niche has different prices when it comes to selling ad space. It’s clear that an insurance blog can charge more for their space than a cooking blog. What you can do is check out other websites on BuySellAds and check what they charge. This way you can see what will be a normal monthly CPM fee.

Ad placement

Another determing factor is the loaction of the ad on your website. A banner in the footer isn’t worth as much as a leader board or a banner on top of your side column. So you can’t charge the same amount for every ad. Again, you can do some research how the other established websites are handling this different pricing model when it comes to ad placement.

Ad size

A similar difference as the placement of the ad is the ad size. Obviously, the bigger the ad the more expensive as it is. This factor isn’t as determing as the ad placement but should definately be considered. Another thing to consider is only offering standard ad sizes since this will increase the amount of advertisers that will be interested in buying ad space on your website.

How to find advertisers for your ad space

Once evertyhing is done, and you have listed your site on BuySellAds and set a price point, it’s time to think about how to find advertisers for your ad space. This is probably not as hard as you might think, because if your website got approved this means you have a very good amount of traffic anyway. This way you can simply add empty slots on your site saying “Advertise here” which will be linking to the salespage of your ads on the BuySellAds website. Depending on several factors, your ad space can be sold in a matter of days or months, there isn’t a constant factor determing this.

So i hope you learned a bit about selling ad space on BuySellAds, and if you have a great website, you can make easy money by offering advertisement room to other companies. The most important thing is to have a constant stream of visitors to your website, and when that increases month by month, so will your income! Just keep working hard and i’m sure you’ll achieve this!