Throughout the years i have seen many good ideas in the internet marketing world. The rise of Facebook, Youtube that exploded from a couple of guy’s garage and the invention of Fiverr to name a few. Even though this concept isn’t anything new, i’ve never seen a strategy with Adsense that’s used on a forum like Growrichforum.

The concept is similar to the article directories which allowed users to add their articles along with their adsense code to make a couple of bucks. Even the concept sounds similar, this was a personal approach. On the growrichforum people are asked to add their adsense code and when they make regular posts it will be displayed on the website.


Is this against the Adsense TOS?

I found this on the Adsense site when checking for the regulations when it comes to having your Adsense code displayed on a website you don’t own:
“If a website is in compliance with our program policies and the company or owner of the site has given you permission to display ads on their site, you may place your ad code along with the other publisher’s ad code on the same page. You will, however, need to contact your web hosting company or the owner of the website to obtain permission to display ads on their website. Please keep in mind that a maximum of three standard ad units, three link units, and two search boxes may be placed on one webpage. In addition, please be aware that every publisher is responsible for the content of a website on which their ad code is placed. If a website is found in violation of our program policies, we will notify any publisher(s) whose ad code is on the website, and ask you to remove the Google code from that page. A publisher will only be credited for clicks and impressions on the ad units associated with their account. Additionally, publishers are responsible for monitoring each webpage upon which their ad code appears to ensure compliance with our policies.”

You can read about it on Google’s official site here.

So as you can see, if the website is not in violation with the Adsense TOS it is allowed to have your Adsense code on it.


How does Growrichforum work exactly?

Register with growrich forum

First you’ll need to create an acount on the forum. This is totally free of charge and anybody can participate in the discussions. Once you became a member of the grow rich forum, you can move on to step 2.

Add your adsense code on the forum

During the registration process, you’ll need to add your Adsense code into the designated field. For this you’ll obviously need an Adsense account. There’s no option to add any other code from other contextual advertising companies or banners.

Write quality posts on the grow rich forum

Once you’ve finalised your registration and you’ve added your Adsense code succesfully, you’ll be able to start posting on the forum. Please note that you do need one post to have the possibility of your ad being shown. The concept of the website is very simple, the more you post, the more your ad will be displayed in the sidebar once the ads rotate,  and the more money you can eventually make.

The EPC (earnings per click) are reasonably high

Because most keywords that will be used for the ads are “make money online” and “internet marketing” related, the average EPC is at about $1 per click, which is not bad at all. 5 clicks a day would result in $150 extra per month, and don’t forget the fact that you can also build backlinks to your website in your forum signature (something which you might be doing already today on other forums).

My thoughts on the growrichforum

It’s hard to predict if this concept will really take off as the one’s i mentioned in the beginning, most likely not to be honest. The main problem these guys face is that the forum will be overwhelmed with people adding no value to the forum and just post to earn some money. I’m not sure how they built their script and how it determines which ads are shown most, but if they have built it to make the post count determine who gets most ad exposure, this won’t be a good concept at all.

If on the other hand they have been clever and they have built in other metrics to determine this, then this could really be a concept many people will be interested in. When i talk about other metric i’m talking about things like, average words in a post, amount of likes per post, amount of likes in total etc…This will be the key factor which will decide if this project will be a success, or a complete failure.