Alright i’m about to share with you a strategy on how to make money if you have a little bit of a budget. This means this strategy will be using pay per click to drive traffic (Bing or 7search) and you’ll be able to eventually make $100 a day online. Using pay per click isn’t the easiest thing to start out with in internet marketing, but it can be very profitable if you do it the right way. If you’re interested in this concept, just follow these steps so you don’t make early mistakes which may cause you a lot of loss. As i said, you need some budget to get started and it’s well possible you will lose some money in the beginning. So please follow these steps to learn how to make $100 a day:

1. Niche Research

The first thing to do research about is the niche you want to target. You have to make sure the niche is full of desperate buyers. So the niche has to have some urgency to it. Some examples are health/fitness, dating, make money online, get out of debt etc…You get the idea right, all these niches are full of people willing to pay to get their problem solved. Which niche you eventually choose isn’t that relevant, you just need to make sure you choose a desperate buyer niche.

2. Find a Great Offer

Now that you have found a niche it’s time to get a great offer people might be interested in within your niche. There are plenty of affiliate platforms where you can find great products, please check out my blog post about the the top 10 affiliate networks to learn more. When looking for an offer, make sure that the offer converts well. With many affiliate programs you can check out the EPC, which means the estimated amount you’ll earn per click on your affiliate link. This can give you a good idea on how well it converts your visitors.

3. Build a Squeeze Page

This is the step most people forget about, but which determines the outcome of your success. Most people think it’s best to drive pay per click traffic immediately to your salespage, but this is very risky business. If they click away, you lose them forever and it’s a proven fact that only a very small percentage of people will buy the first time they see a salespage. That’s why it’s so important to capture people’s email addresses so you can soft sell them beforehand, which wll increase your conversions tremendously. You can build a squeeze page for free with the numerous free squeeze page builders out there, or you can step up your game and use Awber, the ultimate squeeze page builder used by the pros, that’s totally up to you.


4. Find Buyer Keywords for your Offer and set up a PPC campaign

This is probably the easiest step of all the steps in your quest to make $100 a day online. Buyer’ keywords are simply long tail keywords people enter when they are looking in the search engines to make a purchase. so you can optimize your campaigns using keywords such as “buy product keyword” or “where to buy product keyword.” Now, since you will be driving ppc traffic to squeeze pages, you don’t want to be using google adwords, but use Bing ads or 7search instead. It’s not certain (depending on how your squeeze page looks) you’ll get always accepted by Bing ads, but for 7search the approval rate will be 100%. So when you are setting up campaigns, use a daily budget of $5 to $10 and split test different squeeze pages to see which one’s give you the best optin rates. This is also very crucial for your success!

5. Set up your Email Follow up Sequence

Now it’s time to set up your email follow up sequence in Aweber (try for just $1 first month here). Now you might have wondered why we use a squeeze page and not just a sales page. Well, the idea is to still send people to the sales pages immediately after they have signed up and received more info about the product. This way you have their email address and if they don’t purchase the first time, you can still follow up on them and keep on promoting your product, resulting in much more sales. That’s why we’ll set up a follow up sequence which will send out your promotions on autopilot. If you don’t know how to start and how to set up your sales funnel through emails, here’s a simple trick. Simply sign up for products related to your niche from other internet marketers and copy what they do! It’s very likely they have tested and tweaked their sales-funnel and optimized it to perfection, so now you can just copy what they do!

6. Rinse and Repeat!

You can start out with just one campaign and salesfunnel, but this is something that can easily be scaled up. Once you get to the point your are making 1 sale a day, which should give you a $20 profit (depending on the product), you can start setting up another campaign, test and tweak it again and continue repeating the process until you have several campaigns up and running!

There are many people interested in internet marketing and wonder how to make $100 a day online. Well, if you have a budget to start out with, this is probably the best way to do it. Please note that it takes testing and tweaking. This is by no means a strategy to become rich over night, but if you have the patience and work ethic to make every campaign profitable, you surely can make the $100 a day mark in due time. And don’t forget, you’ll be building killer email lists also, which you can build a relationship with and promote to over and over again!