In my quest for finding valuable information to share with you, i have stumbled upon an amazing video. The guy talking is Vishen Rakhiani and he rakes in millions of dollars every year with his blogs and websites, basically on autopilot. How does he do it? You wouldn’t believe me if i would tell you myself. The sheer simplicity of this method made me really wonder why internet marketers are making things so complicated for themselves. Let’s take a look at how he invented a super simple, but very effective way to make money with his blog:


So let’s break down the entire strategy in five simple steps:

1. Setup a WordPress blog
2. Start adding valuable content on your blog
3. Add an optin box to your website to capture leads
4. Start building a relationship with your email list
5. Advertise to your list and make money

You see, many people would not even think it could be so simple. He actually never even owned his own products. The main thing to remember is that he became an authority in his niche. This the way to build trust and eventually sell (other people’s) products to your email list.

As you can see, this method does require some effort on your part, but that’s only in the beginning. Once you have built a list of a couple of thousand and start making money, you can easily outsource the content creation and focus on your next project. Then it really becomes an autopilot business which will bring you loads of money.

So you see guys, let’s not over complicate things and remember that hard work pays off eventually. You can follow this simple strategy, and if you master it, you’re bound to be very succesful in the near future!

All the best!