If you’re just starting out in internet marketing, the best advice i can ever give you is to start building up your email list immediately. Not only will an email list bring you more income, you can also build a solid relationship with your customers and use your list for recurring visitors. So if you’re aspiring to build a sustainable business, you’ll need to find ways to build up your email list fast. To be honest, building a massive email list isn’t an easy thing to do. That’s why i have 5 tips for you that will help you to grow your email list and position yourself as an authority in your niche.


1. Give away a free product when people subscribe

Probably the easiest way to build up your email list is offering something in return. The truth of the matter is that people won’t subscribe like that, and offering an incentive is necessary to give them that final push. Whatever you offer, make sure you offer quality to decrease your unsubscribe rate. you could offer a free report, an eBook, a tutorial on something or even software. When you got your freebie ready, you’ll need to promote it on your website along with your opt in form to gain subscribers.

2. Create a killer landing page

You can create a complete landing page on your website with the only intention to get subscribers for your email list. You can even create a video explaining people what they will get when they subscribe. There’s nothing wrong with regular squeeze pages, but the conversion rate of detailed landing pages is much higher than a simple one. Of course this depends on the product you are offering and whether or not you can add loads of information on that page.

3. Hold a contest on your website

If you have a blog or website that already got a good amount of visitors, you can hold a contest in order to gain new subscribers for your email list. Again, this strategy involves giving away a free product to one of your new subscribers. This can be a digital product but you can also give away a physical one. If you sell products you can also offer discounts, and depending on the niche you are in, offer free advertising space on your site. Whatever makes people subscribe to your email list will do. Then simply add a banner to your site explaining about the contest and watch your number of subscribers grow exponentially!

4. Recruit affiliates to promote your list

If you have a budget, you can hold an affiliate contest. You can offer affiliates a small amount per subscribers (10 cents for instance) and give away a cash prize to the affiliate with the most subscribers. This is an awesome method to build up your email list super fast, and also a way to network with top affiliates if you ever want to launch your own products one day. Most autoresponder services have a tracking function to see the source of the subscriber. You can send over a report to the affiliates after promotion and pay them through Paypal.

5. Use ad swaps to build up your email list

Ad swaps are a great free way to build up your email list. For this you’ll need to contact internet marketers with an email list and cross promote eachother’s squeeze page. Obviously, for this strategy you’ll need to have a list of minimum 1000 subscribers yourself before you can do this.

As you can see, only a lack of imagination can hold you back for building a massive email list. There is nothing holding you back for trying these techniques. Once you see the value of your email list and you learn how to build a relationship with your subscribers, you’ll understand that building your list is an essential part to succeed as an internet marketer!