These days, building email lists is probably one of the most important aspects of internet marketing. The days when you could put a 5 page site together, build some back-links to them and watch the cash roll in are definitely over, and will never return. So if you don’t have an authority site, returning customers will be really hard to acquire. That’s why building an email list is a perfect way for driving traffic to your website, and earning an income online. In this article i will explain you what solo ads are and how easy it i s to build a massive email list from scratch.


What are solo ads?

A solo ad is a way to capture leads who subscribe to your email list. You purchase an amount of clicks from an internet marketer who can deliver those clicks to your squeeze page. He will send out the offer you provide (most of the time a freebie) to his own email list. Once the clicks are delivered, a report will be sent out to you to prove the amount of clicks you purchased.


What are the benefits of solo ads?

The great thing about them is that the conversion rates are really high. Most of the time the solo ad providers are professional internet marketers who know the tricks of the trade. They understand that building a relationship with their list is very important, so there’s high degree of trust between the solo ad provider and his subscribers. Conversion rates of up to 50% are not unusual when you buy a solo ad.


What’s the difference with other forms of advertising?

I think the main difference is the personal factor of solo ads. When you purchase banner space or engage in pay per click it’s a bit cold. With solo ads, you can create an email that can really captivate your potential leads, and use the relationship of the sender with his list to achieve this high conversion rate.

How much do solo ads cost?

Since we use solo ads to build email lists, the price of the solo ad itself isn’t the most important thing. What’s really important is the price you pay per subscriber. The price of a solo ad can range from $20 per 100 clicks all the way up to $50 and above. Let me give an example why the price of the solo ad itself is irrelevant:

You purchase 100 clicks from 2 different providers:

$30 for 100 clicks with a conversion rate of 20%
$50 for 100 clicks with a conversion rate of 50%

In this case, the $50 dollar solo ad is cheaper since the price per subscriber is just $1. In the other case the price per subscriber is $1,5. The point i’m trying to make actually is to test and tweak with different solo ad providers, and see for yourself which work best for you.


How to optimize your solo ad?

Usually if you buy solo ads, the provider will write the email himself, because he has a good relationship with his email list and preserve his own style. It is possible though that you are asked to provide your own email to send out to his list. If that’s the case, these are some things to look out for:
– The subject line should be intruiging. Not just that, it should explain a lot about what can be expected when people open the mail. I would say the best thing you can do is take a look at the product you are offering them, and check what solution it provides for a problem. The you can make your subject line a question, and your offer will be the answer.
– Keep the email itself short and sweet. There’s no point in writing a novel to convince people to subscribe to your email list. Nobody will read your entire mail, trust me on this one. Just get to the point and tell them what they will get if they subscribe.
– Use the AIDA concept. This is an age old theory which still works today. AIDA stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It’s a concept every internet marketer should master in my opinion.


These are basically the key points when it comes to building email lists using solo ads. If you can follow these basic principles and you take the time to test and tweak what works best for you, a huge amount of new leads is coming your way!