In this post you’ll be able to follow the progress from my case study i’m currently starting, which is basically a test to see if it’s possible to make a decent income online if you are in a hurry. With that i mean that we will do this case study for about 30 days, and with very little starting budget.


I have thought about a method lately to make money online, and in theory it should be possible to achieve the goals i have set out. You will be able to follow my progress about how much money is made every day.

The ultimate goal though of this case study, is to show that it’s possible to make money online fast. You might have heard here and there that making money online is hard and it takes a lot of time to achieve that. I’m here to prove those people wrong!

I will be making detailed notes of everything i do each and every day, so when this case study is over, you’ll be able to copy exactly what i have been doing the last 30 days.

So if you want to follow my progress, just bookmark this page and you’ll see my daily earnings from now on!