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Welcome to our site. This site is for those who want to earn money online. Some people may think that they can only earn money in physical world. It is really wrong ideas. Since 2000 AD, digital marketing was born. Today, there are a lot of way to earn money online. Even a kid can do online business like PPC (pay per click). But there are other forms of online business too. Unlike PPC, that kind of business can build real business online. It is true. PPC is only for kids. But if you want to build real business, you should other online business. If you don’t have time to read or want to learn any further, you can bookmark this website. We will also update our posts regularly. If you don’t understand, you can use google translate to translate.

So, you may ask if you can earn money online. I will reply “Yes”. It is true you can build real business online even if you don’t know where to start. Question is can you earn 1$ per day online? Yes it is just 1$(Not with PPC). Actually, it is really easy to earn 3$ in few minutes. In PPD (Pay Per Download) business, they will give you up to 20$ to 50$ per download. On average, they will give you 1$ to 3$ per download. See? It is really easy to earn like that. But you will need methods to do it. So, if 10 people download your file by completing PPD survey, you can earn at least 20$ (2$ x 10 people= 20$). It is just a example. You still need experience. Yes, you need both good and bad experience.

So, if you can earn 20$ per day with one method alone, can you double your earning? I will tell you secret… There is no shortcuts. Just try twice your work. It is true that there is no shortcut to earn. You need to learn and work. That’s all. What’s more. You can do it at home if you have internet. If you have other job, you can do it when you are free. Instead of watching stupid posts on social media, you should earn money online.


List of Online Business

There are many forms of online business. They are
1. Digital Marketing (Sale of digital products like software and online shopping)
2.Currency Trading (Buy and Sell foreign Currency)
3.PPD (Pay Per Download)
4.PPC (Pay Per Click)
5.PPV (Pay Per View)
6.PPI (Pay Per Install)
7.Freelancing (Work online as part time job).



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing means do marketing at online. It can also be called CPA (Cost Per Action).It is really simple. For example, there are a lot of anti virus company. Their products are not real physical products. These are digital products like software. There are web hosting too.If people want to host their site ( a company’s information site), they need to pay and created websites. There are also digital training ebook seller site like ClickBank.

You can earn money online by doing digital marketing. You can apply clickbank or web hosting site like Bluehost. They will give you link. You add that link to your sites,blogs or social medias sites. If someone buy their products through your links, you will get revenue(profit). It can be called affiliate marketing.Online shopping is one of the kind of digital marketing.


Pay Per Download (PPD)

Pay Per Download (PPD) is one of the most effective way to earn money at online. It is simple to do it( You can learn it on PPD section on corner page). You have to upload a file to online. Then lock that file with PPD survey link. If people want to download your file, they need to fill PPD survey. After they filled survey, you earn money and they got your file. You can learn about Pay Per Download Methods on Pay Per Download section above corner.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is really easy way to earn money online. All you need to do is just to click ads. But it is hard to earn 5$ in a month. But if you have refernal, it will be different story. On our site, we do not discuss Pay Per Click (PPC). Becasue it doesn’t need any form of strategy or methods to do it. Even a kid can do. But we never do PPC business because it only earn few money….


Par Per View(PPV)

This business can also be done with PPC. You can earn 5$ if 10,000 people watch your ads. This method is done if you want to shorten your link. By using PPV methods, you can also earn extra money with PPD,CPA and PPI.You can’t do this business alone. But if can improve your earning. We will discuss about it on Pay Per View Section above corner.


Pay Per Install (PPI)

This business is really good way to earn money online. If you compare PPI with PPD, PPI may earn fewer money than PPD. But unlike PPD business, you can earn with ease. This business is simple. You download PPI’s company’s exe from their site. Then bind them with other software like VLC player (just example). You share that link on various site. If people download and install VLC player, they will be asked to install PPI company’s software. If they install you earn money. You can earn up to 0.02 to 3$ per install according to countries. Learn it on Pay Per Install Section (PPI) above corner.

Example :People download (PPI exe+ VLC player) and install then you earn.



Freelancer means working at online. But you need to have certain knowlege to do this. For example , if you know how to create a web page proficiently, you can do it for companies from all over the world and earn money online. But we do not discuss this section on our site. It reflects real world’s job though internet.


Starting your Online Business

This very first thing you need to have is primary email. Yes, it is. You need an email and it doesn’t matter if it is Gmail or Yahoo. You need a email which is essential. So, create an email using gmail or yahoo. Then, I recommend you to verify that email (Gmail or Yahoo account) with your phone number. Yes, verify it. If you really don’t have phone, you still can use it. But this email is primary account for your online business. So, I want you to verify it with phone.

You also need to have online bank account like Paypal or Payoneer. If Paypal supports your country, it is great to create one with your primary email and link it to Paypal. Another option is to use Payoneer. Payoneer even give you 25$ if you use their service. They will also send your Master Card to your country for free. If you activate your account and deposit, you will get 25$.

OK, what is next? You have to register to companies with this email account. Yes, you have to register with this only one account. Why? If you create one company per one email account, it will be difficult to check them in the future. That’s why you need to create only one primary email account. Then register on follow companies.These companies are trustworthy and not scum. So, start with these companies. They are free to register. (Register them all expect Crackrevenue).


Pay Per Download



Pay Per Install

Cinstaller                (Recommend)
Installcapital          (Recommend)


Adult (Pay Per Lead)

Crackrevenue (DON’T Register it yet. See on this guide first)


Now you register all of network. Now you have to learn how to earn money with that. Don’t worry. You can earn within 1 week. If you really work hard, you can earn today.Yes, I am not lying you. You just need to work in right way. That’s all. Now you need to learn how to earn with different Method. Please just bear this in mind:” No one will give you money for free”. You need to work if you want money.


Pay Per Download Methods

Usually earn about 1$ per download. But if someone from Tier1 country (Like American) complete survey to download file, you can earn up to 40$ per download. Just let you know. No one will download stupid file by wasting their time. You can earn at least 50$ per day within one month. For example : (1$ per download). If 50 people download your file by completing survey, it will be 1$ x 50= 50$. OK? There are over billions of people on net. You just need 50 people. (Note : not all people will download your file, check in PPD section)


Pay Per Install

It will pay you if someone install their software. Yes it is. Someone download a file and then install, you get profit. It will pay you from 0.02 $ to 3$ per install (Honestly). Yes it is. Maximmum profit is 3 $ per install. If you compared PPI with PPD, its earning is really low. BUT PPI is easier to earn than PPD. For example, people come to your blog or site. They see something and want to download it (PPD). But when they see survey, they don’t want to download and leave from your site or blog. You get not profit from PPD in that case as people didn’t fill survey. But with ppi, you just have to bind exe with other application. For example, you bind PPI exe with VLC player. If someone download that VLC player and intall, they will be asked to install PPI exe. If they install, you get profit. That’s all. You can learn on PPI section.

Pay Per Lead

It is really simple. Company will give you a link with your ID. If someone register though your link, you get profit. That’s all. You can earn from 0.5 $ to 3 $ per lead. It is really good way to earn money online. But it will be difficult to control it later. Here’s the test. Check it yourself. Apply it (I will get profit). You can learn it on PPL section.