Slifer the Sky Dragon is one of the Egyptian Gods cards along with “The Winged Dragon of Ra” and “Obelisk the Tormentor”  in Yugioh Universe. Even though it’s name consists of “Sky Dragon”, its type is “Divine Beast”. It is one of the most popular cards in Yugioh Universe.


Yugioh Duel Links- Slifer The Sky Dragon

Yugioh Duel Links don’t let players to buy Egyptian Gods Cards : The Winged Dragon of Ra, Obelisk the Tormentor and Slifer the Sky Dragon in normal way. You can’t also trade it in “Card Trader“. It is not unclear the you can purchase them later. After all, these 3 divine beasts cards are very special even though people rarely use them.

How to obtain -Slifer the Sky Dragon in Yugioh Duel Links?

It is still not announced yet how to get “Slifer the Sky Dragon in Yugion Duel Links”. But you can obtain “The Winged Dragon of Ra” in previous “Yami Marik Event”. So, it means you can only get Egyptian Gods Cards in special events.

We predict that you can get Slifer the Sky Dragon in “Battle City Event”. It is still unclear. But we will update our post.


Updated Post!!!

On January 12, the Egyptian God Card “Slifer the Sky Dragon” is released in public. You can’t get it on “Battle City” Event. On battle city event, strings use “Slifer” as his ace monster. But you can’t get it even thought you defeat strings.


Yami Yugi’s Summon Animation of Slifer the Sky Dragon

Like Yami Marik’s “the Winged Dragon of Ra” summon animation, Yami Yugi can also summon “Slifer the Sky Dragon” in animation in duel links.


Obtaining the Divine Beast

First you need to enter “Yugioh World” (original not GX), then search String who appeared on “Battle City Event” with his ace monster “Divine Beast Slifer”. Defeat him and you will get Slifer.

Known Errors and Solution.

If you lose to String, he may not reappear again. It means you can’t get Divine Beast. If that happen, you need to re-log in again and search string again in Duel World.


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