Yugioh Duel Links Gems

Gems are the one of the currency of Yugioh Duel Links Game. You can use it to exchange cards in shop. You can obtain gems by various ways. The easiest way to gain gems is to level up your Yugioh Duel Links Characters. Another way to get gems is completing tutorial in Yugioh Duel Links Tutorial Sections ” Guide to the Underworld”. You can purchase gems with packs and box in shop. Another way to get gems is completing events and ranking up stage levels of worlds: Yugioh and GX world. It is vital currency of the game. Most players think gems are more important than Gold in Yugioh Duel Links App.


Yugioh Duel Links Gold

Another currency of Yugioh Duel Links Applications is gold. Unfortunately , you cannot use gold in shop (LOL you can’t use gold in shop). You can use it with “Card Trader“. It is true that you can’t use it in shop but you can exchange it with “Card Trader” to get cards which you cannot buy from shop. So, gold also takes place its own position.


How to get Gems and Gold in Yugioh Duel Links?


  1.  Leveling up your characters.
  2. Daily log-in bonus.
  3. Completing special events.
  4. Ranking up in PvP arena.
  5. Exchanging Method.


Yugioh Duel Link Gems and Gold Exchange Method


Players used to search “Hack” and “Cheats” to get free gems and golds in Yugioh Duel Links. Actually, it is really risky to hack because game developers know how to deal with them. So, it would be better if you don’t do any hacking or unauthorized cheating.


What is Exchange Method?

Unlike Bitcoins, gems and golds in Yugioh Duel Links has no value. You can only use it on its game not with others like bitcoins. On the other hand, gems and coins from Yugioh Duel Links do not hold any value in real world or digital world. But there is way to make it valuable.


Exchanging Yugioh Duel Links Gems and Golds

Do you see download times in app section of google play-store? An application can be famous by increasing its download times. It means people think an application with most download times is better.

There are some companies which make application to make famous by increasing download times. You can say they do it for a price. They will make you application to be downloaded for a price. So, they offer some service like giving away gems to “Clash Of Clans Players”, stardust to “Pokemon Go”.

You can also get free gems and golds in Yugioh Duel Links like that. Here’s take a look. It doesn’t have any special effects or modified by any means. You can judge.

As you see it is simple. You download their app so that their app will get more download which will last until world end. Then they give you gems and golds which are useless things for them. It is called “All Win Technique” in marketing. Both sides get profits. They give what you want and you give the same too.

You can apply it with your Email Address¬† for once.(You can only use it for one time because download times can’t be increased by same email).

Yugioh Duel Links- Gems and Golds Exchange Submitting