What is Card Trader in Yugioh Universe?

Actually, card trader is continuous spell card which can trade your card in your hand once per turn. On the other hand, you can exchange one card in your hand with one card from your deck randomly once per turn in Yugioh Card Game in both TCG and OCG.


Card Trader in Yugioh Duel Links

In Yugioh Duel Links application, you can buy continuous spell card “Card Trader” from shop. But Card  Trader is also appear as “Trader” in Yugioh Duel Links. It can trade Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, Rare and Normal Cards with your golds and points. It means you can exchange your golds and points with Unique Cards with Card Trader in Yugioh Duel Links App. Card Trader trades unique cards which cannot be found on shop. You can only find some cards in Card Trader.


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