If you are facing error message ” vsfilter.dll is missing or vsfilter not found”, your computer’s system library is corrupted or lack of some DLL (Dynamic Link Library). If you want to know about DLL, you can learn it on Wikipedia : Dynamic Link Library. You don’t need to worry your computer. It will not damage your computer. “vsfilter.dll” error is one the common dll errors. It can be fixed easily.

How does Error Occur?

This error occurs when you access a program or game. When you access, program or game will request your system necessary DLL it needs. If you computer cannot provide requested DLL, it will show error message “vsfilter.dll is missing or not found”. Missing dll errors are common error in these days. They are not fatal but confusing. They will not damage your computer but you cannot access specific programs.



Corrupted Registry can also occur this error. Cleaning registry is a good habit to maintain your computer. Some Anti-Virus can corrupt your computer’s registry when you install a program or software. Anti-Virus used to block some features of programs if it think it is suspicious. It is just False-Positive.

It may also happen when you install 32 bit version program over 64 bit version. If you installs programs like that, the error may occur. You should check before you install every program that if it is for 32 bit or 64 bit.


How to fix VSFilter.dll is Missing/ not found on Window

The easiest way to fix vsfilter.dll error is to add that dll into system file. You can fix it by adding vsfilter.dll into : C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64. You shouldn’t forget about registry either. There are two ways to fix this error. The first one is to use Dynamic Link Library Fixer. It is safe and easy to do it. The second way is to add DLL manually. Be careful with it. Don’t add into wrong folder.

First Method

You can use Dll Fixer to fix it manually. Install it and run it. It is trial version. You can fix up to 100 DLL error. You don’t need to buy it.

Download here : Dynamic Link Library Fixer



Second Method ( Be careful )

If your error is still happening, follow Dynamic Link Library Fixer’s Read Me manual. You need to extract everything until you get specific file with winrar or 7 zip. If you don’t know how to do it, watch video tutorial here on YouTube.


I hope you can fix this error with ease.