MSVCP100.dll missing window 7 64 bit

MSVCP100.dll missing window 7 64 bit


“MSVCP100.dll missing” usually occurs in window 7 64 bit. It happens when you access an application or game. This problem break out because of the application or game you access is demanding that DLL. According to Wikipedia, DLL means Dynamic Link Library which is one of . Window usually keep these dll in system file. When your game or program demand that Dll but your PC cannot provide it. So, the problem occur. You may face this problem especially when you access game which needs graphic and application which also needs the same.


Common Case of Missing MSVCP100.dll Missing

This usually occur when you install 64 bit on 32 bit window. If some files from 32 bit are left or corrupted, you can say it is one of the reasons. ¬†Another reason is your PC has some problems with 32 bit files. Nevertheless, there are various way to fix this error. Unlike other error, this error don’t need special requirements to fix it.


Registry Errors

Have you ever cleaned your registry? This error may also occur if your registry is corrupted. So, cleaning up registry is also a option to fix this error.


MSVCP100.dll Missing Window 7 64 bit Fixing

You just need to add MSVCP100.dll into your system file. The common method of fixing is to reinstall 32 bit window. But you don’t need to do like this. Most people only use this method because they don’t know how to add it. So, they reinstall 32 bit. But you don’t need to do like this. Since there are two easy to fix this problem.


 First Method

Download Dll fixer. Install it and run it. Since you only need to fix msvcp100.dll, I think you can fix it easily. It is the easiest way to fix this problem. It also has registry fixer in it. If you only need to fix only one dll, you don’t need to buy it. They give trial version. So, select msvcp100.dll and fix it.

Here’s the download link : Dynamic Link Library Fixer

Password : dllfixer

Second Method

You can download msvcp100.dll and fix it. People including me could fix this error just using this method. You just need to add msvcp100.dll into system file. Note: Don’t miss it. I add notepad to find file.

Download here : msvcp100.dll




(Click “no thank and continue to view” to download file without signing up on Dropbox)

If you don’t know how to add manually, check this video on YouTube.



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